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Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Travis Turner and Sage Daniels - 21st July 2019

The scene opens with Sage on his knees with his face buried in Travis' crotch. Travis returns the favor as he gets a taste of Sage's dick. It's not long before both are in 69 position with Travis tonguing and tasting Sage's raw hole. The sex intensifies when Travis pulls Sage over the edge of the bed and fucks his ass deep and hard with long driving thrusts. The scene reaches its climax as Travis shoots his 2nd load all over and into Sage's sloppy hole.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Public Meat - Sc 3 - 21st July 2019

Basement Champ was shot Deep in the darkest depths of London's dungeons -- completely in the dark with enhanced night vision. WOLF RAYET managed to use his primal powers to hunt down the biggest dicks in the room, turning this sex-dungeon into a steamy game of "Fuck Wolf". After a truly brutal fuck, CHAMP dumps his heavy load deep inside WOLF, and ALEXX STIER dives in, guided by the smell of cum, and laps up every last drop.

Latest Release for Bare

Horse Hung Husbands - Sc 2 - 20th July 2019

Alan is sucking Dave's monster cock by the Spa, when Ray the pool boys shows up to clean the pool. What commences is a fucking hot three way by the spa as Ray and Dave plow Alan's butt relentlessly until their hot man jizz is squirting everywhere.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Public Meat - Sc 2 - 20th July 2019

FREDDY wanted to find out what happens when he really lets himself go. We lined up ten studs, not one cock less than 8 inches. We threw them all into a bunker below the streets of London with solid concrete walls where nobody can hear you scream. Well, they make them tough in the North so there was no screaming, but there was lots of relentless manfucking.

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Getting Rucked Part 2 - 19th July 2019

Super hot Jessie joins Malubuh, Coldan and Alex in their post game fuck. It's enough to warn off the winter blues and get you hot!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Public Meat - Sc 1 - 19th July 2019

Toilet Fuck A public toilet is a perfect place for fucking when you're an insatiable bottom. The sex-crazed Swedish hole CUTLERX. CUTLERX is famous as a world-class hole-stretching top, and he rootrams is thick tool ruthlessly into the other man's tender butt-bud. CUTLERX is damned good at the fine art of hole-wrecking, and he leaves TOFFIC gasping for air and grinning from ear to ear. Limping off and leaking sperm from his gaping hole, TOFFIC feels his abdomen carefully and whimpers "Nothing's where it used to be!"

Latest Release for SexGaymes

Team Players - The Gear Room - 18th July 2019

After softball on a beautiful San Francisco spring afternoon, JD and Pete are back at the gear room unpacking the kit-bags. The only time JD gets away from his girlfriend is when he's playing ball but the site of Pete's hot ass is enough to turn most men and turn JD it did. Pete has obviously got the hots for JD and how could he not? The guys risk getting busted and wind-up in a loud, raunchy, multi-orgasm fuck-fest that will leave you clutching your bat well after the game is over!

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Sick Fucks - Sc 7 - 18th July 2019

There is only one man for RYAN's final initiation into the cult of man sex…and nothing could have prepared him for ‘DEMON SEED’. RYAN’s desire is the desire of all manfuckers: we are told from the beginning that because of our love for other men, we are hated by some invisible God, that we deserve nothing less than the burning fires of a very real hell, to be cast away in eternal Darkness.

Latest Release for Bare

Triple Play - Sc 1 - 17th July 2019

If you like to see Real Action between Real Men going at with NO HOLD BARRED, if you like hard, butt pounding action and like seeing tight assholes worked over until they are stretched to the max, gaping and quivering, if you like to see close up shots so close that you can hear the assholes sucking as they open up for a hand or two......then this is going to leave you wet, exhausted and satisfied.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Sick Fucks - Sc 6 - 17th July 2019

Meet MICKEY. Hopeful with big dreams, this kid is really shooting for the stars. Noble young men like MICKEY remind me that we still have so far to go. But this young man is well on his way.

Latest Release for CyberBears

Illusions - Scene 2 - 16th July 2019

Trust your bear senses. You know you want to believe in illusions.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Anonymous Sex - Volume 1 : Sc 12 - 16th July 2019

MAX is one of those guys who'll do almost anything for a buck. I've met him a few times and he's always broke, always hitting me up for a "loan." PONY's here again for this one and strokes out a nice healthy load from MAX. The next day, MAX called me up, told me he had a killer hangover. No hard feelings.

Latest Release for Falcon TV

Sun Kissed - Sc 3 - 15th July 2019

Shane Frost and Tate Ryder face off, attired in tighty whities bulging with hard meat. Shane is reclining on a couch, and Tate lays full length on top of him. They press their bodies together and kiss amorously and playfully. Tate's lips work magic on Shane's cock: they squeeze, they enclose, they swallow, they suck ... all while making eye contact that drives Shane into ecstasy. Tate stands to fuck Shane's willing face, then he bends Shane into a ball and plunges his tongue and two fingers into the hole that he soon intends to fuck. Shane's ass quivers and his insides melt. He is ripe to be taken, and Tate takes him from behind, riding his ass in full bore strokes. Shane's hole is dripping. When they turn over, he seizes the chance to plug the unsuspecting Tate, squeezing and stretching Tate's balls while slamming him again and again with rock-hard meat that must have its demands met. Driven past endurance, Tate squirts a hefty load onto his belly, begging Shane to cum on his face. He gets his wish and they share a cummy kiss.

Latest Release for Treasure Island

Sick Fucks - Sc 5 - 15th July 2019

We are men who worship men, our brothers are our lovers. Born with animal instinct, sex is our first language. The sun was shining on this Sunday afternoon when these two came over to play. Get ready for 40 minutes of Psycho-Sexual ass play that you must to see to believe. MURPHY and JACK DARLING, two of my favorite pigs in my big little play. Enjoy!!

Latest Release for Dirty Dawg Productions

Riles Clayton and Travis Turner - 14th July 2019

Riles licks and tongues Travis' beefy muscle ass as he gets it ready for a hard raw fucking. Riles flips Travis onto his back and starts to nail Travis' butt bareback. Riles drives his dick deep into Travis as he lifts and spreads his legs wide apart. Glistening with sweat ... panting and pounding ... The scene reaches its peak when Riles fucks the cum out of Travis as he explodes and shoots his wad all over his chest.

Latest Release for AmateursDoIt

3Way - Hobe, Sam, and Steven - 14th July 2019

38 year old, big dicked stud Sam is back in front of my camera and this time he's got an even older buddy who was right along for the blissful ride to orgams with he and Hobe. Truth be known, all three men took turns getting fucked with a huge dildo here and you want to talk about some hot, hot stuff! Steve is tall and such a sexy older man. He's got a nice big dick between his legs and between he, Sam and Hobe they sure had a blast getting one another off to explosize jizz shots! All three men love sucking cock and rimming and that is soon taking place following some very passionate kissing and fondling. These mature dudes really can't get enough of each other's rock hard dicks. When Hobe lays on his back for Sam to fuck him with the dildo, things go from hot to absolutely boiling in seconds flat. Steve tried to take on that massive fuck toy though and does pretty good for a bit. Sam was really able to take a good amount of that gigantic rubber dick though, his moans of lust loud and clear from start to finish. Who knew Sam loved it up the ass so much? We sure found out at Amateurs Do It, that's for sure! Each man cums with the dildo up their ass, with Steve finishing off the video with a nice jizz shot while Sam and Hobe works his hairy nipples. There is no doubt that each man was trying something quite new with the huge rubber dildo reeming their man holes. They sure took it well too, opening themselves up to a whole new form of prostate stimulation. This is great, great stuff for all you fuck toy lovers out there. And I was sure to catch Steve taking a shower afterward!

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